Dissertation coach

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Getting a doctor’s degree can be an already difficult task, and for her defense, you have to write a doctoral one. Not every person will be able to write a work of this level completely independently. But imagine that you have a friend who has written more than one thesis and knows how it works, how to direct you and how to achieve the highest score in defense. Yes, you understood correctly, this friend is a dissertation coach!
Why do you need a dissertation coach?

If you know these problems:

– research is not progressing in any way, and the dissertation is standing still

– you feel at a dead end

– are concerned that in no case will you be able to accomplish all the tasks before the deadline and successfully defend a dissertation

Independently, people can write these works for months but never move forward. But if it is sensible to assess your strength and turn to a specialist in advance, having about 12-16 weeks left, then stress, haste and hassle can be easily avoided.

What are the pros of a dissertation coach?

The most basic ones:

– classes are held both in small groups of 5 to 8 people and individually, depending on the preference of the specialist

– in 8-12 weeks you get an intensive work on writing theses and in that time you do not need to sit at the computer for days on end in search of something you don’t have a clue about. You will be directed and helped when the research has stalled.

– some trainers keep in touch with you almost 24/7, which significantly speeds up and simplifies writing process

Of course, not everything about writing a dissertation with a coach is as smooth as it may seem on the basis of the above advantages. Highly qualified specialists take a lot of money for their services but nevertheless, there should be no pity for a thesis that meets all standards and is made in such a short time.

In any case, how to write a dissertation is completely up to you.