How many pages is in a dissertation

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Myths and reality about the dissertation.

We think that one of the main reasons that stop people from getting a graduate student degree is writing a thesis or dissertation. From everywhere you can hear horror stories about endlessly long pages and other horrors associated with writing a similar work. But most people do not understand that in the thesis, besides the text, there are more spaces, which also take up space on the page. The default pages are one-sided, and the lines are double, and all materials that you see fit are always fashionable to attach to applications. All this together reduces the potential amount of concentrated text. There will be no more than half of the pure facts per page, the chapter should be about 30-40 pages, even if there are only 10-20 pages in the original source. Despite the fact that students mostly think that “the more, the better” – no, it doesn’t work. Even despite the fact that there is a certain minimum length of the page, the teacher, first of all, assesses the quality of the material, the manner of presentation and whether the topic of the scientific work is fully disclosed.

Dissertation structure.

The dissertation, like any other work, is built on a clear structure:

1. foreword

At this point, we should interest the reader as much as possible. The main points of the work, especially theses, methods, and conclusions, should also be covered.

2. introduction

The introduction has two goals: to give an overview of the main points of the dissertation and to interest the reader even more.

3. method. section

It should show how your choice of research method is appropriate for answering his questions. It is needed in order to clarify data to the reader in a scientific manner. The main goal is to analyze and interpret your data.

4. analysis

One of the the main parts of your dissertation. Here you highlight the findings and systematically present them.

5. Discussion

In many dissertations, the discussion is the most important section. Ensure that you have allocated enough space for this discussion at work and enough time to write it.

6. Conclusion

In this paragraph, tedious to answer all the research questions. The conclusion should repeat the most important questions raised in your dissertation, although it is desirable that they were presented differently.